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Support Application Specialist

Warszawa, mazowieckie

HAYS IT & Telecom

Opis stanowiska pracy

Support Application Specialist
NR REF.: 1113552

Hays IT Contracting is an up-to-date B2B form of employment for IT specialists with innovate and developmental projects for TOP Clients close at hand.

For our Client we are currently looking for qualified Candidates for the position of Application Support Specialist.

Location: Warsaw
Job type: Contract B2B
Length: Longterm

Rate: 250 - 350 PLN/Manday B2B+vat

In the support process, Application Support Consultant is the contact for our customers and for internal support regarding Incidents, Problems, Questions and Requests, and serves a crucial role in cooperation between us and our customers.

A Application Support Consultant has different functions for different systems. Astro are processed and solved in the Service Desk, other systems are on a Log & Dispatch basis. The Service desk is responsible for all cases until they are solved. An Application Support Consultant essentially contributes to the successful and efficient support process by providing adequate information for the first, second and third lines investigation and localisation of the problem. A short support process is of the upmost importance for both parts, in order to have profitable growth at Clients Company and for customer satisfaction and debiting. A Application Support Consultant works in close contact with colleagues and must have a good communication and understanding of colleagues roles to make sure to utilise the knowledge that exist within the company, to create the best possible solutions for customers and for Client.

A Application Support Consultant has to communicate with customer, application consultants and system developers to be able to locate if the problem has occurred because of a user, misunderstandings in functional description or error in the program. The Application Support Consultant is responsible for reported cases throughout the whole support process and to make sure that the customer receives an adequate, comprehensible, functioning solution.

A Application Support Consultant has an overall understanding of all of the products that Client supply and our partner products, as we are sometimes single point of contact for customers support solution. A Service desk agent is not necessarily well versed in the systems, but needs to be able to distinguish the systems. A Application Support Consultant has a general understanding of the building blocks of our systems and a basic knowledge about our products and logistics in general.

Role mission

A Application Support Consultant has the following role mission:
  • Provide professional customer service to customer
  • Find best possible solutions for customers
  • Continuously improve the knowledge of the Client’s products
  • Solve cases within the Service Level of Agreement
  • Good understanding of customers and customers business
  • Maintain customers trust in Client
  • Good communication with colleagues at all levels at company
  • Be proactive, note possible improvements to be followed up
  • Have sufficient knowledge of systems to be able to understand and communicate customers problems and possible solutions
  • Open minded, flexible and versatile
  • Build customer relations with trust and knowledge to secure support contracts
  • Contribute to an open and honest dialog both internally and with the customers

Responsibility and authority

A Application Support Consultant has following responsibilities and authorities:
  • Process customers reported incidents, problems, questions, requests or enquiries
  • Securing usage of methodology, policies, support guidelines, tools and process used by Client.
  • Use defined Client’s tools
  • Log and close cases according to support guidelines
  • Secure Nilex as a knowledge bank by enter adequate information
  • Collect necessary and adequate data.
  • Identify system and send to the responsible support department
  • Prioritize according to customer’s Service Level Agreement and business impact of the incident
  • Make sure that all cases are solved within Service Level Agreement
  • Utilize the knowledge that exist within the company.
  • Initiate and follow up investigation of reported cases until closure
  • Ambassador for Client in contact with the customer as well as for the customer internally at company
  • Ensure that the customer gets a professional treatment
  • Keep business sense in all situations.
  • Notify and alert at any external or internal IT disturbance
  • Contribute with multi-tasking capabilities, including different kind of assignments
  • Maintaining customers support account
  • Day to day running of staffing in the different support lines

Regarding Astro it also includes:
  • Contribute with application knowledge, including clients
  • Contribute with experience from the difference in applications for different customer’s platforms.
  • Contribute with experience from previous problems and how they have been solved
  • Helping customers to find good solutions and if applicable a workaround for upcoming solutions.
  • Verify solutions
  • Keep track of upcoming solutions and Additions created for issues in the systems
  • Determine whether the reported incident is chargeable or warranty according to Clients guidelines.
  • Determine what procedure to follow; Incident, Problem, Question or Request
  • Locate available resource with relevant role and experience for the problem
  • Regular contact with customer and resource until a solution is provided

Basic skills

A Application Support Consultant is to have basic skills in following areas:
  • Strong written and oral communication skills in Native local language and English
  • Strong skill to understand complex problems
  • Troubleshooting
  • General understanding of logistics
  • General understanding of logistic equipment
  • Service Agreements
  • Case management system

Regarding Astro it also includes:
  • Basic WMS and logistics understanding
  • Basic operative system knowledge (AIX, Windows)
  • Basic interface knowledge
  • General knowledge in Astro and/or SattStore
  • Some insight in OS/DB
  • Customer Account Management
  • Basic understanding of IT

Prezentacja firmy

Dywizja skupia się na kompleksowej obsłudze firm z sektora telekomunikacji oraz... technologii informatycznych. Nasza oferta usług rekrutacyjnych skierowana jest przede wszystkim do producentów oprogramowania i rozwiązań hardware'owych, integratorów, firm świadczących usługi informatyczne, call center oraz operatorów i dostawców usług telekomunikacyjnych. Obsługujemy również działy IT w firmach, z branży finansowej,produkcyjnej i FMCG.
Prowadzimy rekrutację na wymagające stanowiska specjalistyczne i kierownicze. Nasza praca oparta jest na branżowym doświadczeniu konsultantów oraz dogłębnej i aktualnej wiedzy o rynku pracy w sektorze informatycznym i telekomunikacyjnym. Bogata sieć kontaktów z najlepszymi specjalistami w dziedzinie IT i telekomunikacji pozwala nam prowadzić rekrutację nawet z dnia na dzień.
Realizując usługi dla naszych Klientów, koncentrujemy się na dostosowaniu usługi do rzeczywistych potrzeb Klienta i przedstawieniu najlepszych kandydatów na dane stanowisko.

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