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Data Engineer (ML, Python)

Kraków, małopolskie


Opis stanowiska pracy


For one of our clients, IT company entering  Polish market and building brand new technology center in Cracow, we are looking for...


Data Engineer (ML, Python)


... to support their international customers.


Company overview:

  • HQ in USA- New York, office in India - Bangalore, opening new office in Poland - Cracow.
  • Providing end to end cloud solutions for retail an e-commerce industry working with multiple Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s best startups.
  • Scope of services includes: Enterprise Assessment & Adoption, Cloud Devops & Support Cloud Application Re-engineering, Research innovation, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, UX Design


Key functions:

  • Engage with larger Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence projects for international brands within Retail and E-Commerce sector
  • Develop descriptive and predictive models to solve business problems depending on the business requirement
  • Developing skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing, Speech Recognition, NLP, Vision, Image Processing
  • Lead, Design, Develop, Validate and Deliver the concise, well documented Machine Learning/Deep Learning modeling code
  • Provide guidance and recommendations necessary to promote successful Machine Learning/AI engagements
  • Collaborate with business owners and engineers / developers to design and deploy complete solutions that comprise model building, runtime scoring and performance monitoring
  • Develop prototypes and algorithms (e.g. searching, sorting, optimization, dynamic programming) while performing data engineering tasks around aggregation and data synthetization from a multitude of structured and unstructured data sources
  • Be actively involved in development activities to help identify and research opportunities on new/existing projects
  • Advancing the state of the art in application areas: natural language processing, computer vision, sensor fusion, object tracking, and motion planning
  • Prototyping AI/ML software solutions.
  • Mentor and scale up other team members.
  • Short term business travels on need basis to accomplish the responsibilities.
  • Actively contribute to the organization by taking up tasks assigned by the supervisor.
  • Work in a start-up environment, implementing interesting projects



  • Knowledge in following fields: machine learning, data visualization, statistical modeling, data mining, or information retrieval
  • Experience in Applied Maths/Statistics, ML Algorithms, DL Algorithms , NLP, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised learning, Reinforcement Learning
  • Working knowlege of Python
  • Experience with Exploratory Data Analysis, Sql/NoSql BigData Database, Predictive Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Cognitive Intelligence Services - Watson/Vision API, AWS
  • Cloud Platform Understanding,
  • Tensor Flow/Keras, Theano, Cuda GPU Programming, TPUs. Spark MLib, PySpark MLibs.
  • Eligibility: Master's Degree / Ph.D. in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics
  • 1-5 years relevant experience required
  • Fluent English (working with US and India on daily basis)

Prezentacja firmy

Devire to międzynarodowa firma rekrutacyjna, założona w Londynie w 1987 roku. Od 20 lat... reprezentujemy wiodących pracodawców na rynku europejskim prowadząc dla nich kompleksowe projekty poszukiwań menedżerów i wyspecjalizowanej kadry.

Poza rekrutacją świadczymy usługi Outsourcingu IT, Pracy Tymczasowej oraz Doradztwa HR. Nasze biura, zlokalizowane są w Warszawie, Wrocławiu, Poznaniu, Katowicach oraz Monachium i Frankfurcie. Jesteśmy częścią Devonshire Investment Group.

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