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Warehouse Operator

Od: time2work sp. z o.o

Miejsce pracy: 45-332 Opole

Rodzaj pracy: Pełny etat

Rodzaj umowy: Umowa zlecenia

Ilość wakatów: 10

Minimalne doświadczenie: mniej niż 1 rok

Wykształcenie: Podstawowe

Branża: Praca Praca na produkcji

 W offer

  • employment based on a contract of mandate,
  • from PLN 22.80/h gross (check promotion opportunities),
  • gift packages 2 times a year (Easter, Christmas),
  • free travel to work (if applicable),
  • free agency accommodation or co-financing to your own place of residence,
  • free meal during the working day (company canteen),
  • possibility of working even 200-240 hours a month.

By working with us, you gain:

  • legal employment with a Polish employer,
  • constant care of recruiters and logisticians,
  • no fees during the recruitment process,
  • the possibility of negotiating the rate with the Principal on your behalf,
  • support of a legally operating employment agency, registered in KRAZ: 13395.



As part of many years of cooperation with our client, we are constantly looking for employees to carry out the following production works in the warehouse area.

Our client is one of the largest food producers and suppliers, operating on 13 global markets. In Poland, the company is located in Tychy (near Katowice).

As a warehouse worker you will be responsible for:

  • picking products for shipment, placing them on pallets,
  • scanner service,
  • delivery and replenishment of semi-finished products in various production areas,
  • product labelling,
  • accepting deliveries of products,
  • making reports,
  • product  loadings to transport.

Work in the warehouse area is carried out in a three-shift system, including night hours.

An employee's career begins with a basic production position. The company has an employee evaluation system and a competence matrix, with the increase of your experience and skills, you have a chance to take the indicated positions, including:

  • junior operator - PLN 22.80 gross,
  • operator - PLN 23.50 gross,
  • senior operator - PLN 25.61 gross,
  • experienced operator (training) - PLN 26.30 gross.

Senior positions in the warehouse area are associated with forklift operation and SAP qualifications. Check our job offer - forklifts.

In the warehouse hall where you will perform your duties, the temperature is below +10°C and standards such as: HACCP, FIFO and the "just in time" delivery system are in force.

We are an agency that will help you find employment. Our legal activity is confirmed by an entry in KRAZ under the number 13395. We know employers who are looking for employees like you, one of them is our client whom you met above. You're looking for a job? Get to know the details! 

  • health booklet for sanitary and epidemiological purposes - don't worry, we will help you with this formality,
  • availability,
  • experience in working in a warehouse - an added advantage,
  • responsibility and accuracy in the tasks performed.

We will appreciate if you have experience working in SAP or another warehouse system. 

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time2work sp. z o.o

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